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Install a Pond Pump

Did you just buy a new home that has a pond in the backyard? Are you thinking about adding a pond to your property? If you answered yes to either of these questions you should also make sure that you have a Tsurumi pond pump installed as part of the project. This is a job that you can complete by yourself, with very little assistance needed from anyone else. You will need an electrician to install an outlet near the pond for the pump.

As you prepare to install a pump in your pond you need to make sure that the size is correct. You will need a pump that can handle the amount of water in the pond, not just a pump that can move water here and there. You also don’t want to install a pump that will cause the water to flow over the edges of the pond or appear as rough water.

The first step in the process is to make sure an electrician runs a line to the pond so you have somewhere to plug in the pump. It can be done on a post right next to the pond or you can run the line to the home. Just be sure that you either bury the line or cover it somehow so nobody trips over it when in your yard.

Once the line is installed you can begin the pump installation. Be sure the pond has water in it. Carefully place the pump into the water and set it so it does not move around when the water moves. Make sure the pump is hooked to something on the interior wall of the pump. Once this is done you can hook the pump to the electricity and test it to be sure that it works properly.

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